Creative credo: 

"I want to inspire my viewers to love beauty of living Nature and its deep symbolism. Being in the same rhythm with the spirits of the Earth creates harmony in life. Realising it makes you save it".


Alexandra Vasileva



Alexandra Vasileva - a painter, teacher, author of books.

Russian representative of International Chinese Calligraphic Art and Ink Painting Artist Society - ICCPS.

A painter, who works in the technique of Japanese ink painting Sumi-e.

Stage name (author's seal):  "Va say" - "Wheel of fortune".

A creator of On-line school of Eastern ink painting Sumi-e.

An author of the book "A guide of Japanese ink painting Sumi-e", "Eksmo" publishing house.

In April of 2012 she visited Japan and undertook internship with a painter, head of ICCPS, Mr. Ryunosuke Ykata.

In May of 2013 she visited China, studied Chinese painting at the University of An Shan city, teacher Tian Lay.

She took lessons in the technique of nihonga with a painter Yukio Kondo.

An author of the training programmes of ink painting Sumi-e "Flowers of four Japanese seasons", "Flowers of 12 months", "Mystical animals of Japan".

Lives and works in Moscow.

Author's statement

Since my childhood I've been doing entomology, keeping naturalist diary with sketches (and still it's my favourite pastime). The effect of direct observation is very important to me; then I feel that I merge with the beauty of the earth, feel the pulse and Nature's breath. Later, sensitivity of Japanese culture to Nature, its deep symbolism and spirituality led me to work in Sumi-e technique. For me they aren't just wildlife.

In my mysterious artist's world there're legends in flowers and mythical animals. 


My favourite genre of Eastern painting is "Flowers and birds", which includes plants and animals in a variety of its forms. I'm lucky that I managed to unit my passion for drawing and love for Wildlife!

My inspirers and teachers from Japan are: painter Ransui Yakata, working in style of free lapidary brush, a person, unifying painters from various countries. And painter  Ukio Kondo, an author of the international project Art for All, who made series of animalistic paintings (main idea - to command humans' respect for Nature).


Japanese painting Sumi-e and its philosophy became reflection of Nature for me. It gives the opportunity to reveal its beauty and my worldview as a whole. I love passionately animalistic genre: animals are absolutely different, they aren't  worse or better than people, they are just other living creatures, who deserve a place on this Planet. Also I like to draw flowers, because it's a whole phyilosophy: cyclic nature and the whole rythm of life are in them. And their image on the sheet is just the tip of the iceberg. When you look at the picture and know the meaning of the symbolism, images of an appropriate season emerging in your imagination. It is these ideas, merging together with a brush movement, ink and this beauty, flow onto paper, giving birth to my paintings.